All contributions (minus the administrative and card processing fees stated on this website) will be used for legal fees, primarily to secure an attorney for Lawrence Phillips regarding impending charges as well as appeal of prior convictions. Because Phillips is considered a celebrity, attorney fees are much higher than in ordinary circumstances. For instance one attorney states that $30,000 is the retainer fee for a person considered of "high profile".

In the website established on Phillips behalf, , in a password-protected area--all contributions, regardless of size, will be publicized by publishing the giver's first name, initial of their last name, amount given, and city or state of the giver. Givers will also be able to see total giving twice per month (mid-month and end of month) and the attorney name, city and state, and fees paid to the attorney(s) chosen to represent Phillips. All spending of contributions collected will be noted on the website.

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