Lawrence Phillips is a former pro football player whose name and image was misused by news reporters while he was a Heisman Trophy frontrunner in college during the 1990's. False newspaper and television reports showing pictures of a bashed up mailbox suggesting that Phillips bashed the mailbox with his girlfriend's head, that he beat her, and that he dragged her by the hair down flights of stairs, are untrue according to statements from the former girlfriend and other witnesses documented in the police report.

Do you believe deeply in fair justice, regardless of for whom the law is used? Reporters' false reports took on a life of their own and still circulate widely online and in broadcasts, wrongfully associating Lawrence Phillips with "crime" and "domestic violence" and thus impacting prosecution decisions. Things are not as they appear. Your support for fair justice for Lawrence Phillips and others experiencing similar circustances is important to fair justice. Please make a gift right now by getting your card and clicking on the "Contribute Now" button.

Are you a citizen who considers jury duty an honor rather than a burden to be avoided? As a juror, wouldn't you want only facts and evidence to determine guilt or innocence? Phillips has been deprived of fair legal processes and in more than one case, the alleged victims written statements to the court contradict prosecutor decisions. A juror even reported juror misconduct during deliberations in a case that resulted in conviction, which authorities ignored. Won't you ensure that your desire that justice be fair, regardless of the person, prevails? Please make your gift right now. Please click on the "Contribute Now" button to join the resolution for fair justice, regardless of the person.

Lawrence Phillips is now under investigation for a matter in which he should have been segregated from the regular prison population because he is incarcerated as a "celebrity" in the state of California. California has special provisions for a "person of notoriety" who is considered a "celebrity"; which applies to Phillips. Your contribution will help Phillips to fairly address the pending matter in which once again, many reports are being published that imply that he is guilty, although he has not been charged with any offense. Phillips is also reportedly being held in a "sensory deprivation unit", which is an extreme form of solitary confinement, especially since Phillips has not been charged not convicted in the matter under investigation. Following the alleged suicide death of a young African American subjected to solitary confinement during prison placement although he had not been charged with a crime, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy recently (March 2015) denounced solitary confinement and its use on inmates in US prisons.

During investigative stages, it is important to have attorney representation that protects against prosecutors having an unfair advantage during investigations. Lawrence Phillips' capacity to obtain qualified counsel includes you. If it is your will that justice be fair regardless of the person, please make a gift today before leaving this website, by clicking on the "Contribute Now" button.

In two separate prosecutions, alleged domestic violence victims claimed they were coerced and/or intimidated by investigators and/or prosecutors regarding prosecution of Phillips. Phillips is appealing those prior convictions. For more details: click this link to go to the Lawrence Phillips website www.lawrencephillipsofficial.com and review "In Others Words" by clicking it in the menu at top of page.  Afterwards please return to this website by clicking the "Gift Lawrence Phillips" menu in Lawrence Phillips' official website to return here and make your gift.

Do you believe the law should apply fairly regardless of the party for whom the law is used?  Phillips writes that following the circumstances currently under investigation handcuffs were placed so tightly on his wrists that his "hands swelled up like hot dogs" and his "palms turned blue". "Pictures were taken of my hands including the deep gouge marks visible with swelling from the handcuffs". As well Phillips notes that all of his appeals documents and self-help legal books were confiscated. Authorities are never to confiscate inmate legal materials.

Do you believe the law should apply fairly regardless of the party for whom the law is used? Then please take part in our appeal for fairness for Lawrence Phillips and make a gift right now by clicking on the "Contribute Now" button.

Thank you; as well Lawrence Phillips writes "...please be sure to thank all those people (who have sent positive letters) when you write about me."


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